Note For Selected Candidates 

The final list of selected candidates in super specialty ( Level-IV) July 2024 has been published. Please Read the below instructions carefully before joining.

1. For Regular employee: In case you are selected and gives consent please get relieving orders either deputation or EOL as without that no joining orders for training shall be issued.

2. For Contract/ad-hoc/locum/any other arrangements:  You must have your resignation approved and notification issued for issuance of training orders.

3. In case you are employee in any other public sector: you need to have NOC for joining this training and furnish understanding that you will not draw salary and stipend both.

Please ensure to have this earliest.  Deadline for submission of these documents for issuance of joining orders is Till 19th July.

In case they are not furnished offer shall be considered withdrawn. No Training orders shall be issued without sanction orders of parent dept (PSHD/SHMED).

Level -IV Updates

1: Joining for training starts from 22nd July with deadline of 30th July, 2024.

2: Employees of PSHD and SHMED whose relieving orders (deputation/EOL/resignation) are issued and uploaded on website of department their training orders are being issued and they are directed to join on 22nd July in respective hospitals.

3: In case of candidates other than PSHD/SHMED offer letter is being issued and they may join w.e.f 22nd July.

4: No hospital shall accept joining without orders of the department.

5: In case a candidate fails to obtain relieving orders from parent dept (PSHD/SHMED) till 30th July, 2024, offer shall be considered withdrawn.

Eligibility Criteria

  • MBBS/BDS Degree.
  • Certificate of Completion of 12 months of House Job.
  • PMDC Registration for Pakistani Graduates /License to practice by relevant bodies for foreign graduates.
  • Result of passing PART-I Examination of FCPS/MD/MS/MDS within last 03 years.

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